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The Child and the Doctor

Dr. Benard Lindlesmith had been studying the child through the video feed for some time now. The subject looked to be about ten or eleven years old, but he displayed no sign of impatience or boredom one would expect from someone his age. Instead he sat complacently awaiting whatever may come next. It was one of the strangest things the doctor had ever seen during his tenure as a child psychologist. He supposed the young man, who asked to be called Boggs, could simply be mentally older than his years. Still, he was a most curious boy.
The man next to Lindlesmith cleared his throat, “well doctor, any intention to actually speak with the boy? You’ve been staring at this video feed for quite some time. I assure you my agency will pay you quite well, there is no need to drum up hours.”
Lindlesmith scoffed but he couldn’t quite help noting his own trepidation in confronting the young man, he wondered why he was stalling. He also wondered what interest the government could possibly have in Boggs. Also unsettling, his keen instincts were picking up on a bit of fear emanating from the Agent as well. This boy was making everyone on edge, and he wasn’t doing anything but sitting in another room.
“Very well, Agent Jones was it?” Lindlesmith made it clear in his voice he doubted the authenticity of the name, “I’ll speak with Boggs now, if you can so kindly lead me to his room.”
Agent Jones did so and soon Dr. Lindlesmith entered the small room where Boggs sat at ease in the small chair on one side of the table. He opened his mouth to speak but was cut off abruptly by a sharp laugh from Boggs that chilled Lindlesmith to his bones.
“Ha ha! Of course they send you, why didn’t I guess it!? Hello Doctor Lindlesmith, ever so glad to see you again. I suppose you are here to diagnose me, to tell these men and women precisely what drives a young boy to do the things I’ve done hmmmm? I’ve been ever so much a bastard to them Doctor, do you know what I’ve done?”
Benard was too stunned to eek out more than a quite “what…what have you done?”
“Well now”, Boggs said staring directly into Benard’s eyes “First I discovered their little splinter of a splinter group, which was certainly easy enough for me. Then I showed them precisely what someone could do to them were they to be encounter anyone with even a margin of my skills. They weren’t happy, Doctor, not happy at all. Then the final insult! They discover it was a child all along! Of course doctor, this is only because I allowed them to find me. I want to know more Benard, I want to join their little project. I’ve always known there were others like me out there. Maybe not exactly like me, for there truly can be no equal, but strange folk exist doctor, beyond just myself, and these men endeavor to know more about them!”
Lindlesmith was taken aback and frightened. Why was he frightened? Then something dawned on him, a phrase the boy had used almost right away, ‘ever so glad to see you…again’. When had he met this child? He didn’t understand. “Wh…why do you say we’ve met”, he whispered.
Boggs stopped chatting away, “Oh…sorry doctor, I forget the new form I’ve taken sometimes. I’m the one who gave you purpose in this life dear doctor, don’t you recognize me?”
Regaining some of his composure Benard simply stated “I’m sorry Boggs, but I can’t say that I have ever met you that I remember, and you are certainly too young to have driven my purpose in life. You see son, I was plagued with nightmares when I was not much younger than you. Dreams of an entity harassing me nightly, he either came from the closet or from under my bed. As an adult I’ve made it my task to help children remove themselves from such flights of nightmarish fantasies. Quell their fears of the Boogeyman in the night. You understa-“ Boggs was again staring deep into Doctor Lindlesmith’s eyes and the Doctor immediately remembered those black eyes and trailed off. Terror lanced through him and he was once again a child shivering in fear at the eyes peering into his very soul from the.. the THING at the end of his bed.
“Oh Benard…”, Boggs said quietly, “I’ve been called many things throughout my reign on this planet, many of them earned, but fantasy is not a term I would use to describe myself. Oh no dear doctor, I am very…very real”
As Doctor Benard fled the room Boggs stifled laughter. He then placed a hand on the wire leading to the camera in the room and his eyes blazed green with trailing zeros and ones. “Oh good you’re still watching, I would like to speak with Agent ahem Jones. I tire of waiting. I wish to join the group you’re forming, you know which one. You’ll find me to be most useful, I assure you.”


Boggs, as he currently calls himself, is the Boogeyman. He has worked fear throughout the world for longer than he can remember, namely because he loses large chunks of memory every time he decides to reform himself anew. Once Boggs feels his style of fear mongering is beginning to lose its potency he adopts a new form. He doesn’t know why this always requires him to begin as a child but he assumes it has something to do with the natural order of things. He is certainly weaker in his new form, that of a ten year old child, but that is only in comparison to his later abilities.

Just prior to his recent transformation into his current state he had been the Boogeyman of old for centuries. Mostly terrifying children in the dead of night and feeding off the terror in a very satisfying manner. Children have become less easy to frighten as of late though. In a world wrought with horror movies, scary video games, and night lights it had just become so much harder to be the beast in the shadows. His new form would need to address this advent of “technology”, and it was with that thought he flung himself into his new form.

“Born” with an insight into technology his old form would have never even begun to comprehend, he soon began devising ways to unnerve the masses. It was all too easy to make people feel unsafe via the internet, leak rumors to news websites that were picked up quickly and run with, toy with statistics that purported frightening information, even something as small as trolling could frighten one of his marks. It was fairly simple actually. It wasn’t long before he tapped into government data, mucking with that had potential to cause veritable panic! It was here though that he found the information on Project Red Hive and immediately grew intrigued by the possibility of other, as an average mortal would call them, supernatural entities. It had been a long time since he had actually interacted with humanity face to face and he found the thought of joining the group the US government intended to form very appealing.
He was aware that in could very well put him in danger in his weakened state of being but the chance to do something different was too strong, if he “died” he would just reform in a few decades anyway. As an embodiment of fear he was not likely to ever truly disappear forever.

He set his plans in motion and soon found himself awaiting a conversation with the an agent who knew about Project Red Hive, now that Doctor Benard was out of the way of course.

Boggs (Kevin)

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