China – Ministry of State Security (MSS)
The Chinese are believed to have a program to secure children who present with psychic abilities so that they can be inducted into the MSS. Project: Red Hive records indicate that the Chinese are known to have used Sirens (sonickinetics) in various assassinations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and throughout South-East Asia. The MSS is also known to have one of the best cyberterrorism and cybersecurity teams in the world with an uncanny ability to breach the electronic security of their nation’s enemies. Given the recent discovery of Agent RH 213 (codename TBD), the US is scrambling to determine if the Chinese may be using the preternatural to augment its cyber operations.

France – Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE)
The DGSE are believed to lack any preternatural operations or assets. Whether this is due to incredible concealment or a genuine lack of talent is unknown.

Israel – Mossad
The only thing known about the Mossad’s preternatural assets is a single name accidently intercepted on a communique from the Israeli consulate in Budapest: The Djinn. Based upon the bodies of the eighty or so neo-Nazi terrorists believed to have been killed by The Djinn in Hungary, he (or she) is believed to be an electrokinetic of singular power with an exceptional ability to stay hidden and evade scrutiny.

Russia – Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB)
The KGB and later the FSB are known to have had werewolves within their ranks. A great purge was conducted after the fall of the Soviet Union and most were believed to have been destroyed, but Agent 23 (codename Shepherd) has also confirmed that the Russians had other special agents, especially in the psychic range of preternatural ability. Certainly the existence of Agent 48 (codename Reformat) lends credence to the possibility that psychokinetics are maintained by the FSB.

UK – Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
The British are believed to have formed the world’s very first intelligence group focussed upon preternatural abilities, a group simply named E-Branch. Now believed to have second and even third generation preternaturals within their ranks, E-Branch is considered to be one of the best developed and most diverse of the world’s psychic groups, including rumours of a small but exceptional group of Oracles (those psychics who are able to see into the future).

USA – Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
The CIA and various US military intelligence agencies have poured billions of dollars into programs designed to give the US an edge in warfare and to defend US interests. One of these was a joint DARPA-Special Operations Group super soldier program led by Dr Richard Dawson which was later re-named Project: Red Hive. Originally an offshoot of research based on the Nazi MK-ULTRA, this program quickly (and almost accidently) garnered results in the field of telepathic communication which allowed it to attract further funding and, more importantly, access to the vast information network established by US intelligence services. This led to Project Red Hive becoming the collection and study point for all preternatural assets within all of the combined US intelligence and military community, including Agents RH23 (codename Shepherd), RH48 (codename Reformat) and RH63 (codename Little Red). For the first time, enough assets have been collected to form what is known as the Omega Team: the last word in US intelligence operations that involve the preternatural.


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