Tribe Name: Vampires

Scientific Name: _Homo Desmodus _

One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.

Friedrich Nietzsche



Base Abilities:

Animal Senses, Dark Vision, Drain, Reflexes, Regeneration (based on Drain), Strength, Venom

Common Abilities:

Cloak of Darkness, Cloud Men’s Minds, Disease Immunity, Reflexes, Tracking

Common Weaknesses/Defects:

No Reflection, Sunlight Weakness


Ageless horror, life-drinking fiends, monsters in human clothing.


Vampires appear almost entirely human, though their features tend to be slightly sharper. Despite being some of the most well known of the supernaturals, especially with the rise in their visibility in popular culture, vampires are difficult to capture on film and no government agency can claim to have done any long term study, so specific facts are hard to come by.

For those in the know, the best way to spot a vampire is during or after it has fed: those victims left alive are usually in shock and scarcely able to remember the encounters, though the eye witness accounts consistently mention blood red eyes and horrorfying bestial faces.



Vampires are the most well known supernaturals, while also being the supernaturals most drawn to blend into human society.


Like the Boogeyman, myths and legends of vampires are nearly universal and are common to folklore in almost every country in the world. Ranging from the ghuls of India to the jiangshi of China and the vrykolakas of Greece, vampires penetrated deeply into the pop culture psyche after the fiction of Rice, Stoker and Meyer.

The reality of vampires is a mix of all of the myths, yet no single myth is completely true: they are not sparkly, they are not horrifying, bald, narrow-toothed freaks nor romantic figures who pine for their humanity while they slaughter thousands. No one knows how vampires came into being and those vampires willing to discuss the subject have spread as many lies as truths, including tales of vampires from alien realities, vampires who are cursed into unlife and vampires who have evolved as a mutant species of humanity.

What can be confirmed is that vampires have either vastly extended lifetimes or are effective agelessness. They possess greater strength, speed and stamina than humans. They all drain life in one form or another, whether it be blood, the life energy of humans or the time-potential of mortal beings.

Among those with an interest in the supernatural, rumours abound of the existence of a massive community of vampires. While this has never been proven, truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction.



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